Zanctarian’s Introduction

Hey everybody, I’m Zanctarian! My real name is Chase. I’m 14 years old, but will be 15 this coming Wednesday.

I am currently the developer of SkyVoid. Normally what I do in this position is request to make plugins or make a plugin that’s been ordered by a higher power. I specialize in NMS type plugins. What NMS is, is net.minecraft.server. This type is special, as for every function supported by Mojang and Microsoft for server development is with this class path. The main thing about it is, is it’s what makes stuff happen to only 1 client instead of the whole server. For instance, you could spawn an entity that only exist for ONE player! The main downside to this type of Bukkit is that it’s the most complex style.

In real life, I’m massively flawed. It’s not because I’m anti-social.. I was anti-social, but I eventually stopped caring of my image in school and just started doing stuff I felt like doing, while still being a high gpa student with perfect attendance. I’m not joking, I really try that hard with school. But, between all that intellect is where a massive flaw lies. I have poor short-term memory. Even if I tell myself to do something 5m prior, I still have around a 80% chance to forget about it. In some cases, I can forget I did something right after I did it. I am also not very perceptive. This means it’s much harder for me to find something then a normal person.

I am part of a music program that I think is REALLY good. Our percussion ensemble, which I been in for a total of 2 years (counting this year), is going to state for the 5th year in a row. I just came back from small ensemble/solo regionals yesterday. This Thursday, a day after my birthday, we will be going to regionals one more time for band.. yes, I’m in it. I play clarinet. Hopefully we get a good score. We also have a choir. I’m a part of it as well.. I know, so far that’s a lot. But anyways, if nothing is wrong with my voice, I consider myself an outstanding singer. The only reason you’ll never catch me singing a solo is because I just don’t want to put in the time for it. I’m busy with other music, school, and developing anyways. Maybe next year or the year after, I’ll take a solo.

Anyways, that basically sums up all I can think about to share. Until next time!