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Today I am extremely happy to finally announce SkyVoid Official Map Launch!

Map Information
The server will be releasing Friday April 20th @ 7:30PM EST, this coming Friday!

This map WILL feature a Factions Top prize! The FTOP Prize is a $600 PayPal Payout!

Server Information
The server will be released at 7:30 ET on Friday! Link below to a countdown:

The following will NOT be reset:
  • Ranks
  • Commands
  • Special Kits (Special, Base, GKits, ect)
  • Tags

The following WILL be reset:
  • Inventories (Items)
  • Crate Key balances
  • Sethomes
  • Balances
  • Factions Data
  • Private Vaults
Yes, if you have won any ranks, kits, perks etc through Crate Keys you WILL keep them on the reset, they are not removed.

Misc Information
  • Member Limits: 10 players per/faction
  • Power: 20 power per/player
  • Allies: 1 Allies
  • 10,000 x 10,000 Main World Border
  • 5,000 x 5,000 End Border
  • 8,000 x 8,000 Nether Border
Raiding Rules Follow:

No left shooting or Reversing

Unlimited slabs is fine

Any unraidable block that is found will be removed and patched without notice when reported or found.

1 Regen or Lava Pick Wall, PICK ONE ONLY.
MineChat Regen

Normal Regen

45s are not allowed, Regen Filters are not allowed, Blackies are not allowed, Bunnies etc,..... are not allowed. 1 lava or 1 regen pick one.

Sand walls are allowed (Check walls are allowed)

20 Chunks From Base Wall

No Abusing Border glitches to raid a faction

1 week no B**** Claims- I will make a announcement when they are. (What is this? This is when you claim one or few chunks right beside someone else's claim so they can't claim that way)\

Allies can claim buffers as long as you respect buffer rule.

Alt factions will not be permitted to win FTOP.

Two factions can split bases as long as the claim is respecting the 20 Chunk claim rule.

Features / Changes

We are aware that the past seasons have not been long seasons, as of requests this map will last a better amount of time!

I am happy to announce that we have MANY new features coming this map, some of them can be as followed.
NOTE: Many more for you to discover!

We have...
  • Improved Gen Buckets (New update coming soon too!)
  • ChunkBusters
  • Improved /f show
  • Custom /f perms
  • Factions Vaults
  • Better Raiding Mechanics
  • TNT Banks
  • Factions Upgrades
  • Factions Levels
  • Plus so much more!

Many updates lined up to release new features! We will be having a 50% OFF Sale upon servers release!



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